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maiden gadis, perawan
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maiden flightpenerbangan perdana
maiden marketpasar perdana
maiden namenama kecil perempuan sblm menikah
maiden speechpidato pertama
maiden voyagepelayaran pertama
maiden-hoodmasa gadis n
maidenheadkegadisan n
maidenhoodmasa gadis, masa remaja
maidenlikeseperti gadis
maidenlyseperti gadis
noun an unmarried girl (especially a virgin)
noun (cricket) an over in which no runs are scored
adjective satellite serving to set in motion
adjective Of or pertaining to a maiden, or to maidens; suitable to, or characteristic of, a virgin; as, maiden innocence.
verb To act coyly like a maiden; -- with it as an indefinite object.
source: WordNet 3.0