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delicately secara halus
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in a delicate manner
dengan cara halus
source: WordNet 3.0


as delicately as possible:
sehalus mungkin:
whose delicately balanced parts
bagian yang hati hati seimbang
well elegantly fully delicately mincingly
baik elegan sepenuhnya halus mincingly
well elegantly fully delicately
baik elegan sepenuhnya hati hati
delicately flavored leaves with many
daun beraroma lembut dengan banyak
with delicately flavored leaves with
dengan daun beraroma lembut dengan
with delicately flavored leaves
dengan hati hati rasa daun
with delicately carved rococo ornamentation
dengan ornamen berukir halus usang
elegantly fully delicately mincingly
elegan sepenuhnya hati hati mincingly
outline with delicately
garis besar dengan hati hati
finely well elegantly fully delicately
halus baik elegan sepenuhnya halus
delicately iridescent thimble shaped
halus warna warni berbentuk bidal
delicately carved rococo ornamentation
hati hati dipahat ornamen usang
delicately arranged in stripes
hati hati disusun dalam garis
delicately flavored leaves with
hati hati rasa daun dengan
small and delicately worked
kecil dan hati hati bekerja


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