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ingenuousness kejujuran, ketulusan
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the quality of innocent naivete
kualitas kenaifan bersalah
source: WordNet 3.0
frank candor openess ingenuousness fairness
frank keterusterangan openess ingenuousness keadilan
ingenuousness by virtue of being
ingenuousness oleh berdasarkan dari menjadi
unaffected plainness or ingenuousness artlessness
kepolosan terpengaruh atau ingenuousness artlessness
unaffected plainness or ingenuousness
kepolosan tidak terpengaruh atau ingenuousness
simplicity unaffected plainness or ingenuousness
kesederhanaan kepolosan terpengaruh atau ingenuousness
candor openess ingenuousness fairness liberality
keterbukaan keterbukaan ingenuousness keadilan kemurahan
being frank candor openess ingenuousness
sedang frank keterusterangan openess ingenuousness


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