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Indonesian to English
banyak hal lain many other things
banyak hal lain
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banyakmany, much, have a lot of, excessively, in great quantities
halmatter, thing, case, concerning
lainother, another, different, besides, not including


Mereka melakukan banyak hal lain
They do a whole host of things
Hal ini sangat penting. Ada banyak hal lain yang harus kita lakukan
It's really important to say. So much of the other things that we ought to do,
adalah agar orang-orang menyadari bahwa ada begitu banyak hal lain
is so that people realize that there's so many other things
Banyak hal lain yang turut berkontribusi,
Lot of other things contributed to it,
Ada banyak hal lain yang harus kita lakukan.
There are tons of other things that we should think about doing.
Banyak hal lain lagi yang dapat ditemukan di LHC.
Many other things that the LHC could discover.
Saya pikir banyak hal lain di dunia ini juga muncul dari prinsip tersebut.
And I think many other things in the world also have come out of this.
Dan anda begitu sibuk, dan anda punya begitu banyak hal lain yang anda harus lakukan,
and you are so busy and you have so many other things to do,