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Indonesian to English
berusaha keras carve out
berusaha keras
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berusahatry, endeavor
kerashard, solid state, tight, not flexible, strong, gruff, hard, loud, stern, seriously


Mereka berusaha keras
They said they would try so hard
Ayah saya berusaha keras mendorong saya untuk belajar,
My father tried very hard to motivate me into studying,
Dan para wanita ini berusaha keras agar suara mereka terdengar
And these women are working so hard to get their voices heard
anda tentu akan berusaha keras untuk naik pangkat.
You're obviously keen to go up the corporate ladder.
meskipun kami sudah berusaha keras.
even though we had been trying very hard.
jika Anda benar-benar berusaha keras
if you really work hard on your skills
dan orang-orang berusaha keras untuk memisahkan plastik
and people try very hard to separate the plastics,
dan bagaimana orang berusaha keras untuk mencoba mengerti.
and how people go off the rails in trying to understand it.
jika saya berusaha keras untuk melompat, suatu hari saya akan bisa terbang.
that if I work really hard at jumping, one day I'll be able to fly.