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mengetahui tentang catch wind of
mengetahui tentang
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mengetahuiknow, understand
tentangabout, regarding


ketika saya mengetahui tentang Professor Charlie Kemp
when I was amazed by Professor Charlie Kemp
Saya sangat terkejut ketika mengetahui tentang Jibreel Khazan,
I was very struck when I learned that Jibreel Khazan,
Mark Twain, yang banyak mengetahui tentang penyusunan huruf,
And Mark Twain, who knew all about typesetting,
Tetapi sekarang anda dapat mengetahui tentang --
But now you can find out all about --
Saya juga dapat mengetahui tentang upacara yang mereka gunakan,
I was able to find out also about the ceremony that they were using,
dan kita mulai mengetahui tentang PRISM
and we started learning about things like PRISM
ketiganya mengetahui tentang suatu daerah di India
three of them, they learned about a region in India
sangat sedikit mengetahui tentang apa yang terjadi.
have very little idea of what's going on.
Mereka telah mengetahui tentang ide masyarakat kita, tentang kemakmuran kita.
They've been exposed to this idea of our society, of our prosperity.
bahwa kita harus mencoba mengetahui tentang orang lain.
that we have to try to know other people, the other.
yang mengetahui tentang Pasir Tar Alberta,
know about the Alberta Tar Sands,
anda harus mengetahui tentang
you have to know something about


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