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terlalu banyak beyond number
terlalu banyak
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terlalutoo, exceedingly
banyakmany, much, have a lot of, excessively, in great quantities


adalah mempercayai terlalu banyak perasaan
is that trusting too much in the feeling
Terlalu banyak janji.
So much for promises.
Jika kita menghawatirkan terlalu banyak pada suatu hal,
If we worry too much about some things,
"Terlalu banyak bencana di luar sana. Aku takkan bisa berbuat apa-apa.
"Well, you know there's just so much out there -- I can't do anything,
Jika Anda terlalu banyak menuangkan air dingin, mangkuk akan pecah.
If you put too much cold water in, it will shatter.
jika saya menggunakan terlalu banyak karbon,
that if I use too much of my carbon allowance,
semua pupuk nitrogen buatan yang kita gunakan terlalu banyak.
all of this artificial nitrogen fertilizer, we use too much of it.
karena saya berpikir AC terlalu banyak memakan energi.
because I thought there was too much consumption going on there.
mawar memerlukan terlalu banyak air.
they use too much water, by the way.
adalah penggunaan obat yang terlalu banyak,
was the overmedications of these drugs,
orang-orang menabung terlalu banyak.
of people saving too much.
merasa mereka menabung terlalu banyak.
feel that they save too much.
Itu tidak tampak terlalu banyak, namun sangat penting
Now that doesn't sound like a lot, but it's very important,
Jika anda terlalu banyak menyimpang
If you deviate too much
Atau saat Anda minum terlalu banyak di sebuah pesta hanya karena gelisah.
Or when you drink a little too much at a party, just out of anxiety.
Saya mencintai mitologi terlalu banyak.
I love mythology too much.
karena ada terlalu banyak jenis audio lain di dalamnya --
because there were too many other kinds of audio involved --
mereka berkata saya terlalu banyak bicara,
they said I talked too much,
Hal terburuk yang dapat kita lakukan adalah berkata, wah, sudah terlalu banyak yang harus dikhawatirkan
The worst thing we can do is say, jeez, I got enough to worry about
Kita memang melakukannya. Tidak terlalu banyak.
Really, we're doing this, basically. Really, not very much.
namun tidak terlalu banyak secara teknis. Dan suatu malam saya berbaring sambil berpikir.
but not so much technically. And I was actually lying in bed thinking one night.
Dana: Terlalu banyak kegelapan.
Dana: There's too much darkness.
akan tetapi di tahun 80an, ketika tidak terlalu banyak perang, seperti itu, itu seperti --
but in the '80s, there was not too much war, like that, it was --
Dan sekarang kita memiliki terlalu banyak gunung es
And we've had far too many icebergs
Terlalu banyak masalah yang harus kita selesaikan,
A lot of the problems we have to solve
Hewan ini tidak memilikinya karena terlalu banyak memakan tempat..
This animal gets rid of them because they take up too much space.
anak-anak kami membutuhkan terlalu banyak pengawasan,
our kids needed way too much monitoring,
tidak terlalu banyak dalam berpikir tentang kesederhanaan.
not so much in thinking about simplicity.
Jika mengeluarkan terlalu banyak
If you take too much out
atau ketika terlalu banyak pilihan untuk dibedakan,
or when there are too many choices to compare and contrast,


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